Video Marketing: Creating a Video Squeeze Page with High Conversions

Did you know that 51% of Google users were searching for video in 2007?

This is a stat we can’t ignore. If you are an internet marketer, it is now that you can start to incorporate video marketing into your traffic arsenal.

There are many other ways to video market, such as YouTube videos, demos and walk-ons. However, a squeeze video is the best way to convert a website visitor into a customer. A LEAD. Why not use video instead of text? It’s simple. Conversions that are higher than images and text can be up to 7-10 X more.

What is a Squeeze Page Video?

Although it may seem obvious that you will need graphics, a video, and an opt-in form, how do you start when you are ready to create your video? Answer: The content.

What are you looking for? What length should it take? Do I need to have my voice heard? All the questions you might have.

Keep the end in mind when you start writing your copy. Write your copy. Your message should be narrated in audio. For those who can’t do this, there are still ways to create compelling videos using visuals Super Youtube Views Provider, royalty-free music and text overlays.

First, identify WHO your target audience is. This can be in the form a headline or a question. To help viewers determine if your product or service will be relevant to them, you might ask a question. What are the problems that your market faces? What are their problems that your product/service will solve?

A squeeze video should be between two and three minutes in length. Therefore, you will only need to write 300 to 400 words.

The next steps will be easy if you are a skilled copywriter. Keep identifying problems your product solves, regardless of whether the viewer is aware. It is important for the viewer to be drawn in and can see the “painless” solution, which is of course YOUR solution.

After suffering for a while, it’s now time to enjoy the benefits.

This is where you will answer the question, “What’s in it For Them?” This is different from describing the FEATURES and benefits of your product.

The closing or call to action is the final element. What should they (the visitors to your website) do next? It’s an important step that video producers often overlook. Clearly explain to visitors what you are asking them to do if they click on a button. You can also ask them to fill out their name or answer questions.

After you are done, proof, proof and record your voice.

Keep your message concise and to the point. Keep your copy short and to-the-point. As you go through these steps, keep your marketing hat on and remember that your “video producer” hat will be on the next!

Ginny Culp works as an internet audio specialist.

A composer, music producer [], audio editor, and voice over artist, and owns the music production company where the internet marketing superstars come for THEIR audio needs.

Ginny produces royalty-free music that has been optimized for the internet. She also creates custom music tracks for people who want to “brand” their audio by creating unique music that has been tailored and perfected to fit their needs.

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