Landscape Photography — You’re Taking Great Landscape Pictures, But How do you Improve?

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One of the negative aspects of landscape photography is that it can be quite a depressed hobby, most people won’t want to join you in your chosen hobby when you’re running out of bed at 4: 30am on a zero degree day to drive an hour through the haze to get to your chosen location. Nor will many people want to join you on that hot summer’s day when you just know that the sun is going to turn off but all your friends just want to visit the beach!

So how do you know if you’re improving? How can you get helpful friendly advice on how to improve your photos? It’s easy, start your own blog and you’ll have the world reviewing and critiquing your landscape pictures within a few days. acrylic mounted photographs Its a great way to either join a pre-existing blogging landscape photography community in order to start building your own within your area.


I live in Perth, Western Australia and there is around ten of us who have blogs and we all contribute to each others blogs in a meaningful way, to try and push each further and to try and help each other ‘raise the bar’ after every shot. It’s great fun and we’ve all become buddys because of our blogs, on a number of occasions each year we get together to switch ideas, discuss discovered locations, discuss what equipment we are using and to line out photo sets together. It’s always nice knowing you can speak to your photography network when you need to.

There are a number of sites out there that offer free blogging facilities so look them up and start using one, and when people provide positive and productive feedback you’ll be well continuing your journey to pushing out first class landscape pictures.

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