Greatest Things you can do within Florence, Italy on the Mediterranean Cruise

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Every moment and every port on a Mediterranean cruise is incredibly special. And if your cruise includes a stop at Livorno, Italy, don’t miss the chance to visit Florence for the day. Here are my suggestions to find the best things to do in Florence in only one day.

What things to Do in Florence in Only One Day
The west coast of Italy is resplendent with steep overlooks, precariously perched cliffside apartments and white-knuckle hairpin turns as your motor coach inches along the cliff-hanging roadway. Sleepy fishing villages are contrasted by busy seaports. But a Mediterranean cruise to Florence makes dealing with the center with this medieval city very easy.

With a limited timeframe to spend in Florence, listed here are my four not-to-be-missed suggestions to visit. But first, you’ve to access Florence from the cruise port Visit for travsel info about florence.

Getting to Florence from the port of Livorno
You can find three easy choices for dealing with beautiful Florence; by shore excursion, a train from Livorno or renting a car.

For first-timers to Florence, your ship’s shore excursion is your easiest and best option. It is a 1 1/2 hour motor coach ride to the city, but on the way your guide can tell you all about the surrounding countryside, explain where you should try the exact distance for the Leaning Tower of Pisa and share components of understanding of shopping and dining. Get ready for a full-day trip, with around three hours total allocated to the bus.

The next option is to board the train in Livorno, of a 15 minute taxi ride from the port. This is a relatively inexpensive choice when compared with a shore excursion. However, bear in mind that Italy is known for unexpected rail strikes and as wonderful as it is always to take more time in Florence, it will be upsetting for your ship to sail on without you.

Third choice is to rent a car. Make your car or truck rental reservation when you leave home, to guarantee availability. Major car rental companies have a check-in station right next to your ship, so it’s easy get started in your own. Again, be mindful of the ship’s sailaway time and allow enough leeway to come back your car or truck and get a raise back again to the ship.

What You Must See in Florence
There’s so much to do and see in Florence that the visitor could easily spend several days touring and still not see nearly everything. However, there are certainly a four must-see places of interest that should not be missed in your first visit: Ponte Vecchio, Accademia Galleria, Santa Croce and The Duomo.

It’s the oldest bridge in Florence and is a well liked for photographers and artists from round the world. Once home to Florence’s butcher shops and ensuing odor, the bridge was long ago converted into a haven for goldsmiths and jewelers. Walk over the bridge, go over the sides in both directions and take a scenic walk along the narrow sidewalk that parallels the River Arno. Be cautious about traffic! Visit for travsel info about florence

Plan a Go to the Accademia Gallery
A western Mediterranean cruise to Florence wouldn’t be complete with no visit to see Michelangelo’s world-famous Statue of David. The key is to get your tickets to the Accademia and the Statue when you leave home. That’s the easiest way to avoid the incredibly long line of unsuspecting tourists and students.

If your shore excursion includes a visit to the Accademia and a line-bypass opportunity, great! Check the cruise line’s website for his or her shore excursions and what’s included in the tour.

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