Board Examination Investigation Hints

It’s that time of year when feverish preparations begin – the Examination Fever. Many young students are becoming ready for the biggest test of the academic lives, one that’ll determine their selection of career and how their futures will shape up. The 10th standard examinations or Board Examinations follow many patterns in line with the syllabi and the academic councils the schools are affiliated to. Getting high marks and percentages overall in all subjects is key to enhancing chances of an excellent education in a reputed institution; therefore students should take extra steps in equipping themselves well in the preparations for exam study.

Students at this level have six to seven subjects with allocation of marks and grades combined for an interest grouping. Mathematics and Science take predominance over other subjects like Social Studies, English or Other Languages. This is because for many technical courses post school and getting admitted into college be determined by excellent percentages in these two subjects. While subjects like English be determined by the student’s excellent uptake of grammar and presentation of answers in a nice format with the relevant points concisely written, Mathematics and Science depend largely on accuracy in answers and results.

Some examination methods for High School

• By understanding the format of exams corresponding to the syllabus undertaken, a student can work-out a study schedule according to subjects that require more attention and time waec expo. Having a timetable based subject-wise and topic-wise will greatly benefit your study schedule; remember to complete the schedule depending on the timetable you’ve prepared

• Discussing previous question paper samples and guides helps obtain an insight into the type of questions that can be expected and prepare a mental plan on how best to answer the questions

• Resorting to malpractices or depending entirely on memorizing content may be disastrous. In the event of exam panic or even a wrong move, the mind goes into a freeze making thinking and recollection difficult waec expo. It is better to know content, rephrase questions on how best to bring out the answers and keep doing the tasks over and over to master the technique and analyze and correct mistakes, especially in problem solving

• One of the best ways to retain content the student has read is to write down points or make brief notes that will assist you to remember key points to prepare the flow of content

• When in doubt, seek help. Parents, teachers, friends, guides are usually around to greatly help clear doubts. Published guides help but where they fail is the type of one on a single interaction that you can have with peers and superiors

• Learn to rehearse time management which will be very essential in answering question papers. Practicing writing speeds will help improve answering skills when time is of utmost importance

Besides these academic tips, there are numerous areas that the student needs to remember when preparing for Board exams.

i. Select a study area without distractions and ambient noises from traffic, TV screens, computers and other gadgets that could be a disturbance or intrusion. Conversations with friends may be limited to times when you take a break from studying

ii. Getting proper nutrition, exercise and sleep recharges your body and fills it with energy resources which are very essential. Skipping meals and sleeping less will tire your body and mind and give you exhausted by enough time examinations arrive

iii. Avoid places and situations that can cause anger and negative emotions to surface. The unnecessary anxiety and worry will not help in any way

iv. Always take constant breaks from study to re-energize the mind and body. Cramming the mind with too much information or way too many facts in a brief span of time is not just a good idea. Take time off to indulge in a favorite hobby like playing music, painting or photography; going for a brief walk and meeting friends for a walk is recommended provided this doesn’t cut into your daily study schedule and you are able to get back to study mode again

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