5 Best Madrid Ghost Walking Tours

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Find Madrid’s middle. Allow us to direct you through rich mystery imagery enhancing its roads and amuse you with stories of affection’s works lost, of verse, of dignified interest and surprisingly the odd phantom tossed in just in case. We overlook the Illustrious Royal residence, the Court de la Estate, the Square City hall leader, the Puerta del Sol, Barrio de las Litters, Cybele’s and the Cuica, Europe’s greatest gaybourhood, and numerous different destinations in the middle. We will reveal a rainbow hung Madrid, assisting us with understanding the development of the city, and country, towards being the world’s generally open minded. This isn’t the tale of old white men and their self-glorification, however of its actual individuals, Madrid’s most noteworthy landmark.

1) Spanish Inquisition Evening Tour: Ghosts & Legends of Madrid.

Join this 2-hour dark history tour of Madrid’s old town, passing by churches, monasteries and places where jails and gallows once stood. As you explore the most infamous corners of the city, you’ll learn gruesome historical facts, legends and hear chilling ghost stories, told by the voice of a stylish narrator, who will also share the most intimate, atrocious and untold facets of the Spanish Inquisition.

2) Madrid Panoramic Tour with Museo Reina Sofia.

Discover the main buildings, avenues and squares, ending having an entrance to the Wax Museum. You will dsicover locations such as the Gran Via, Plaza de Espada, University, Monclova, Calle Mayor, Puerta del Sol, Puerta de Alcalay, the bullring and Columbus square. Ending having an entrance to the Museo Reina Sofia.┬áMake the best of one’s stay!

3) Mystery and paranormal tour C. Madrid.

We’ve adapted the routes to the most mysterious, paranormal and sinister areas of Madrid. Our guide on this tour has come to collaborate in the legendary radio show Millenia 3 and the fourth millennium TV program. We’re delighted to know new destinations, and every time they are on the route, we can visit them. But it is not safe.

4) Madrid chases the murderer.

we propose the idea of overcoming the mythical “Escape Room”, but in the street. So, in fact, you won’t need to leave any room, however you will have to perform different team activities to fix the enigma that surrounds you. All of this by way of a secret route through Madrid and its unique corners. Looking to strengthen teamwork, give true value to everything around us and, most importantly, bring the real essence of the city to everyone as you have an excellent time.

5) Tour of the Mysteries and Legends of Madrid.

History that has been created through the years, those would be the mysteries. Madrid is really a city with many mysteries. Some are actually revealed, others not yet. We should go to the Plaza Mayor, here we can tell you a puzzle starring a decapitated man and his hat.

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